drawing_bookzebra_fullThe Weatherly Guide to Drawing Animals focuses on learning how to draw animals using solid drawing principles. The emphasis of the book is on learning to draw animals by understanding action, analysis of form, construction, expressive drawing, and simplified anatomy. An approach to drawing animals from life (a challenging and sometimes frustrating exercise) can be learned from the principles layed out in this book.

The importance of drawing from imagination and methods to go about it are also a key topic. The Weatherly Guide to Drawing Animals is geared toward all levels of artists from beginning to advanced. Anyone interested in learning how to draw animals or take their current animal drawing to the next level, will greatly benefit from this book.

The Weatherly Guide to Drawing Animals is a comprehensive step by step instructional book which walks students through the process of understanding the complexities of animal forms and volumes.


The Weatherly Guide to Drawing Animals is the best animal drawing book I’ve ever seen. There’s very few books out there that shows the nitty gritty side of sketching and drawing animals. I love how the writing is thorough and to the point. The book gives you the barebones on how to approach drawing animals from direct observation and from your imagination. It covers other topics like how to simplify muscle shapes and how to spot boney landmarks, which are very important in drawing any living creature. I highly recommend this book for those who always wanted to learn how to draw animals, but never knew where to begin.
– Q. Phan “Sumyungai” San Francisco, CA


I’ve used the Weatherly Guide to Animals for quite some time now and I have to say it is the best approach to drawing animals, as well as anything else on the market today. There’s lots of books on how to draw, but this one teaches solid principles of construction that can be applied to any object, not just animals. The construction, anatomy, and gesture techniques that are taught in this book are unparalleled by any other book I’ve seen. If you’re ready to take a step towards becoming a skilled draftsman, this is the book. I would recommend this book with confidence to anyone.
– RP Newport Beach, CA

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