animal_essenceANIMAL ESSENCE

The Art of Joe Weatherly

Volume I

Book Synopsis

Animal Essence is a look into the art world of animal painter and draftsman Joe Weatherly. From sketchbook to studio, a bold expression of the dynamics of animal drawing and painting are presented.

This book not only showcases the art of Joe Weatherly but also provides valuable information and instructional advice on the making of animal art. Compelling sketches along with developed drawings, and paintings are supported throughout the book with notes on process, materials, drawing philosophy, and important information regarding the animals themselves.

Many of the pages in this volume are from drawings done on location with no editing process involved. This reveals the thinking process, observations, and personal thoughts of the artist. This inside look into the artist’s sketchbook is information that is of prime interest to other artists, art students, and art collectors. The beautiful imagery in this book will be a true inspiration for any one who enjoys fine art and animals.

Reviews for Animal Essence:


This book is absolutely awesome! Joe has really outdone himself this time. This world class artist has shown his work from rough, raw sketches to finished paintings in a way I have never seen before. The animals come alive in rich, full color on quality paper. Joe’s extensive research in South and Central America comes to the fore in his paintings. Being an amateur artist myself, I originally bought the book to keep in my library. However, this book is too beautiful to keep on a bookshelf, and is now my prominent coffee table book! It is a “must have” for artists, animal and nature lovers alike.
– Thomas Silk, Irvine, CA


Throughout history many artists have attempted to tackle the challenge of studying animals from their ecological nature to their anatomical structure, none have ever done it as well as Joe Weatherly. Previously known for his widely popular and highly recommended “Weatherly’s Guide to Drawing Animals”, “Animal Essence” is the second title to be released by this one of a kind artist. In this new book you will gain insight into Joe’s approaches and philosophies in taking on the difficult task of both animal painting and animal drawing. The valuable information is just one of the amazing attributes of this highly anticipated book. A full color hard – bound book with art that explodes off the page. The illustrations are absolutely magnificent and so full of life they almost jump off the page. From the well – executed illustrations to the beautiful paintings, this book is a must have for collectors and artists of all disciplines. Joe is already highly regarded in the animal art community as he is sought out by major collectors and this book is yet another valuable piece of work from this artist. Order yours now so you can be as impressed as I am.
– David Colman, Burbank, CA

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